Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Domino's Pizza

Assalamualaikum wbt Semoga semua sihat2 hendaknya.

Lagi 3 hari je, 3 hari sahaja, kami-kami semua akan balik ke Mesir tanah tumpah keringat di musim panas. Sedih nye hua T.T arhhhh persetankan kesedihan itu.
Semangat! Semangat!
Semangat la juga, sebab tu update blog comel ni . haha.

Haritu bosan-bosan kelaparan, browse2 gamba makanan kat mesir, ternampak garlic bread with cheese domino’s pizza punya. Maka kelaparan mnjadi real! Nafsu tak dapat di elak! =.=’’

Lalu, dicapai laptop berhabuk hasil debu mesir dulu yang tak di lap2 lagi ,lantas, mengorder secara online dengan susah payahnya. Tak sampai 15 minit , encik domino dah sampai walau terpaksa mengharungi hujan lebat yg memang lebat , hebat tak ? hebat kan kan.

Domino’s memang best.sebab cheese dia lain macam lembut dan lemak dia. Halal eh halal.

Bukan ini yg nak diceritakan disini, huhu.
Ceritanya, satu hari kami bertiga , meronggeng di kawasan Lebanon Square, mencari high heels utk dinner, * Bila ditype lain bunyi nya .haha *

Setelah hampir 8 jam menjelajah dari Tahrir ke Cairo Mall, akhirnya bermastautin di Lebanon Square. dan ada lah seseorang tu nak makan domino hihik, dan kami pun pi lah dan order sekian sekian sekian.

garlic bread with cheese , sedap gle

plain pepperoni pizza

Roasted Chicken Drummet. and wings.

boleh la kita pergi dominos lagi kat mesir, tapi tempat lain pulak ea. sekian, sembang2 bayu di petang selasa :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

wordless wednesday>let the FOOD do the talking :)


kuew tiaw ladna>i made it with my sis

lasagna!>made it with sis too

chocolate cheese cake>again with my sis

oooooo...this one is the best man....
grilled squid, prawns, beef and LAMB!!

till the next post,


Thursday, August 4, 2011



Wow, Alhamdulilah...I just got back from, tarawih prayer and it was amazing! The mosque was filled! Tonight I went to Amru Al 'As Mosque. Amru Al 'As was the founder of Egypt, so of course this mosque is one of the earliest in Egypt.

History has it that Amru Al 'As missed Makkah and Madinah so he built this mosque in resemblance to the mosque in Saudi. In the middle of the mosque there is this huge open air area..

Besides that, there are many HUGE churches around the mosque. The town used to be a centre of religion, Islam and Christianity..

To get there, take the metro and stop at Mar Gargis station. The mosque is about a 5 minute walk from the metro station.

History also states that every 27th of Ramadhan a syeikh name Jibrail comes and becomes the imam. Usually on this night the mosque is overflowing with people. It becomes so overflowed that the streets are filled with people praying..Masya Allah..

I mean the mosque is HUGE itself...so if the streets are overflowed..its like the whole population of KL came to pray..

open air area..

Oh yeah..imam reads 1 juz' in 8 rakaats..illa liqa'!



Next masjid, is Masjid Ibrahim..sorry no picture. It's really nearby. Has air conditioning and the imam reads only a few ayats in 1 rakaat. So if you're thinking of bringing your parents or grandparents for tarawih, this is the best place.

Masjid Ibrahim is located in the same row has kedai Aseer Asob Laimun...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Sallamz! Ramadhan Kareem..

Since Min and Zek left me alone here in Cairo, hehe..I decided that, for tarawih prayer I would go to different masjids in Cairo. So kira ronggengla jgk..hahaha..

Ok, yesterday was my first time making tarawih prayer in Egypt. I went to Masjid Rahmani Rahim in Abbasiyyah. The taxi fare is L.E. 10.

This masjid is really comfy because they turn on the air conditioner on FULL BLAST! The imam reads 1 juz' in 8 rakaats..

I highly recommend this masjid for those who want to do i'tikaf..wallahu a'lam..

O Shushi Sushi!

Aloha,Salam !

Let me present you, O Sushi !

I never tried sushi in Malaysia, but I’m really glad that I did it in Cairo. Kudos tu Zatil n Zack

The bad word on Sushi is tht the raw fish contains minute LIVE worms, not sumthin I fancy trying to be honest. 0.o So a novice like me chose the cooked sushi bass .


Unagi roll! BBQ eel basically <3<3..and yea the 4 innocent boston rolls ! cream cheese yg pelik!

Anything you do, don’t come near the green stuff , it is wasabi .it’s honest but it is extremely hot! T.T



the most common kind of rare fish ; salmon .more just sheer and a bit sweet

Kids meal no ? ;p

It's simply a load of cute seafood, with rice beneath it,and it is wonderfully sweet

oh yea,it is located 4 mins away from uni, ask the cab to drive you to pyramisa hotel,and it's located right beside the 'on the run' petrol station

the price is quite okay,affordable eventho you feel like i-pay-20LE-for-this??

worth it.knyg gle.

and finally, guys,ive been missing the wild wild cairo


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sabah-The Land Below the Wind

Salam alaik!

It’s been a long time since i’ve written a blog post..kinda a rusty..hehehee...anyway, sorry for laying low for this past week.i went for a holiday with my parents to SABAH.yup that’s right, the land beyond the wind!

So, we’ve arrived at Sabah in the morning and went to the hotel to check in. We stayed in GAYA CENTRE HOTEL. It’s a nice hotel. The service is good, the breakfast was omg amazing..hahaa..alright, after that, we went to Suria Sabah, a shopping centre justin front of the hotel. See?that hotel really is awesome. The hotel is strategic since it’s located near suria sabah, Filipino market, centrepoint, jesselton point etc.

Back to the point, at suria sabah, we tried hot plate noodles.not bad if u ask me.here’s the pic

yee mee hot plate noodle RM 5++

Left> hot plate rice RM 5 ++

Right> i don’t remember the name but the taste is quite good. Price RM6.50

Didn’t i tell u about the breakfast in the hotel? Well, the breakfast menu is just like any other hotel but there’s no cereal section. And the pastries are not varied either. but overall, the menu is ok i guess.

From left to right> kuew tiaw goring, sunny side up, baked beans and sausages, rending daging, orange juice, salad

From l to r >toast (guys, try to eat rye/wheat bread, since it’s much more healthier that the white processed ones), cucur udang, pudding, fruits

Attractions in Sabah

We went to the MARKET saw a LOT of dried fish and all. look at the pics

That is GAMAT

I told u there’s a lot of dried fish


There’s also the FILIPINO MARKET. For pearls. Need i say more? Haha

RM 20. J

Mom bought that one.and LOTS more.

hahaa..coz it’s q

uite a affordable.

And then, there’s the SEAFOOD. Man, let me tell u, sabah is a haven for seafood lovers.

Can u imagine eating THIS everyday?

yup people, LOBSTER, FISH

and everything in between.

What is that green thing u ask?

Honey, it’s seaweed. Add chilli and belacan, u’ve got u’re self a sambal belacan, sabah style.


Sabah is also known for SNORKELLING and DIVING activities. My dad and i, we tried the former since it’s much more cheaper (u just need goggles and life jackets, flippers are optional) and we both CANT swim. (Hence, the life jacket). If u want to dive, u have to take a diving a lesson.ahh,maybe next time. And the fee is quite expensive too. Bu

t snorkelling was fun!!!my mom was having a hard time with the goggles so she has to be the camerawoman(pity) but me and dad, huh, we were pro i tell u, PRO! But of course, the life jacket must be on..hehhh.. As far as i know, the main island attractions are pulau Gaya, Pulau Mamutik, Pulau Manukan, and Pulau Sapi.

The instructor tried to take us to deeper waters but my dad declined. However, being an adventure seeker (as if), i asked the instructor to take me there. He took me and i was not sorry. The view was .....BEAUTIFUL!..lots of fishes, coral reeves and oth

er sea creatures. I found Nemo or if i’m not mistaken, a clown fish and star fish etc.

Left>star fish

Those are fishes, not some bacteria ok


For other places, u can go to kota kinabalu park, kundasang (to buy some veggies like broccoli and cornflower), poring hot springs (take a soak in the hot springs) etc.

Well, i can tell u loads more but maybe u’ll get bored..huhu..if u wanna go to sabah, i suggest make it a week long holiday. Or at least a 4 day holiday because there’s a lot to explore in sabah. U cannot do it all in just 2 days. And try to find a hotel that id close to the jetty. Like the one i stayed for example. u can go to many places by foot. U don’t need to hire a taxi or rent a car.

Ok, thats all from me!